BizStart Barron County – Start a Business Program

Barron County EDC and our regional Small Business Development Center at UW-Eau Claire partnered to create a business start-up program called “BizStart Barron County”. This comprehensive program assists individuals who are interested in starting a business.

BizStart provides all the resources a potential entrepreneur needs to start a new business.

How the program works and how we assist:

  • You have an idea.
    • We help to define and help determine if it will make money.
  • Laying the groundwork
    • Business plan creation
    • 3 year financial forecast
    • How to incorporate
    • Location assistance
    • Business funding – we help you find funding
    • State and federal registrations
    • IRS forms
    • Expert assistance referrals– legal, marketing, CPA, banking
    • Office/business space location assistance
    • Website creation/logo creation referrals

Contact Dave Armstrong at 715-637-6871 or by email at to set up a confidential one on one meeting to discuss your ideas at our office located in the Barron County Government Center, 335 East Monroe Ave, Barron, WI. Weekly meetings are also scheduled each Thursday at UWEC – Barron County Campus.

We will meet with:

  • Prospective entrepreneurs interested in starting a business
  • Prospective entrepreneurs interested in purchasing a business
  • Current business owners who are interested in expanding their business
  • Current business owners who want to sell their business

There is no charge for these services as funding is provided by the Small Business Administration and Barron County Economic Development Corporation.

Financial Incentives

Combining federal, state and local programs, Barron County Economic Development are committed to providing cost-saving incentives to financially-strong companies that broaden the tax base of the community. Incentive packages are company and location specific and may include: tax increment financing, employee training dollars, low-cost financing programs, infrastructure improvements and utility cost reductions.

Other incentives include:

  • Loan and Tax Credit Programs
  • Revolving Loans
  • State Grants when available
  • Federal Grants when available
  • Tax Incremental Financing (TIF)
  • New Market Tax Credits
  • Economic Opportunity Zone

For more information contact Dave Armstrong at