Talent Development

Quality employee training is available through several sources in the Barron County area. Local workshops, adacemy's seminars, conferences, and customized training are available for our area employers.

WAT Grant funds (administered through Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College) may be available to help off-set the cost of customized training. Please feel free to contact WITC directly for more information regarding employee training and guidance on how to develop the talent in your organization.

Skills Gap

A comprehensive skills analysis was performed 2013 with employers throughout the County. A skills conference was held at WITC Conference Center in Rice Lake. Here is a link to folder containing all conference materials. Please contact Dave Armstrong  bcedc@co.barron.wi.us with any questions. Barron County's goal is to be the the place in Wisconsin that provides employers that highest trained and readily available workforce.

Worker Training

Wisconsin Fast Forward
We have a long and successful partnership with Workforce Resource who regularly obtains Wisconsin Fast Forward training grants for employer-led worker training programs. The intent is to provide essential assistance that cannot be met through an existing program. Grants will be awarded to maximize the impact of funds in catalyzing local collaboration and also encouraging the development of sustained pipelines that directly align with employer needs. The jobs of the 21st-century economy depend on these training programs.

Employers with a particular workforce need. Please call Dave Armstrong at 715-637-6871 to discuss. For more information on the Wisconsin Fast Forward program use this link.

Youth Apprenticeship Programs
All high schools in Barron County support youth apprenticeship programs. These programs provide high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to work at a local employer to gain job skills and obtain career insights. This is NOT a shadowing program. Students work a part time job with the employer and also are required to take at least two classes in the school that are job related. This gives the student hands on career exploration and also provides employers access to future employees.
For more information on the Youth Apprenticeship Program view this state link here https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/youthapprenticeship/

Please contact Dave Armstrong at bcedc@co.barron.wi.us for more information on workforce training and Youth Apprenticeship Programs.

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Talent Development


Talent Development

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