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The Barron County Economic Development Corporation (BCEDC) is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization that assists individuals to start new businesses, helps existing businesses to grow, provides training to entrepreneurs and business, works with business and education to create career pathways from K-12 to business and lastly works with other Economic Development Organizations in the county, region and state to create a stronger economic climate.

The greater share of our funding for BCEDC comes from Barron County and local cities and villages throughout the county as well as our business partners, financial institutions and utilities. Individual contributions are certainly welcome and appreciated.

The services offered by BCEDC are free of charge unless specific consulting services are required and outside experts are contracted.

Barron County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors

Name Representing E-mail Address
Dave Armstrong Executive Director bcedc@co.barron.wi.us
Jim Metcalf City of Chetek jim@sterlingbank.ws
Adam Skinner Vice President - City of Cumberland askinner@cumberlandfederal.com
Mike Direcks City of Rice Lake mdiercks@ricelakegov.org
Craig Fowler WITC Craig.Fowler@witc.edu
Ken Jost County Board kwjost@jostlaw.com
Bruce Markgren President - City of Rice Lake bmarkgren@cooperengineering.net
Tim Gerber Village of Cameron tfg@sirenbank.com
Bruce Rasmussen City of Barron brasmussen@ccf.us
Michelle Scalzo Secretary -  Private Sector - Manpower mscalzo@mnpwr.com
Dana Heller County Board hellerdanap@gmail.com
Larry Loverude Private Sector - Xcel Energy larry.d.loverude@xcelenergy.com
Terry Lee County Board TerryOliverLee@gmail.com
Sharon Masek Town of Clinton smasek@sssand.com
Danielle Maxwell-Parker Treasurer - Village of Turtle Lake clerk@turtlelakewi.com
Rhiannon Thompson Mosaic Telecom RThompson@mosaictelecom.com
Jennifer Baudette Barron Electric jbeaudette@barronelectric.com

Our Vision
Barron County Economic Development Corporation is the resource for economic development in Barron County leading to the creation, retention, expansion and attraction of family sustaining jobs.

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Barron County Economic Development Corporation

330 East LaSalle Avenue
Government Center, Room 2311
P.O. Box 71
Barron, WI 54812

Office: 715-637-6871
Toll Free: 1-800-529-4148
Cell: 715-790-1327